Renold USA

Renold is a leading power transmission chain designer and manufacturer.

Renold is headquartered in Morristown, TN the company dates to 1887 when Joseph Jeffrey patented the first industrial chain in the United States. The company applies more than two centuries of combined experience to develop innovative chain products designed to save time and money. Offering a full chain product line including Roller Chain including Custom and Standard Attachment Chain, as well as Solutions chains: Synergy, Syno and Hydro-Service. Renold is also home to the Jeffrey line of Engineering Chain which encompasses Cement Chain, Drive Chain and many others. Renold has been the trusted chain supplier to top companies with demanding applications for over 130 years.

Renold Jeffrey: Chain Manufacturer located in Morristown, TN

  • Roller Chain
  • Attachment Chain
  • Engineering Class Chain
  • Cement Chain
  • Drive Chain
  • Engineering Support

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