Renold Sovereign: Abrasion Resistant Chain

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The benchmark for abrasion resistance

Renold Sovereign is engineered to succeed in application where dust and debris are common. In abrasive applications particulate can adhere to the chain, therefore increasing the wear rate and shortening the service life of the chain. Lubricating the chain in these conditions to reduce wear and friction can have the opposite effect and further exacerbate
wear problems. Renold Sovereign is the only roller chain on the market that is engineered to excel in these challenging environments. Renold’s patent-pending thermochemical treatment creates a superior hardness of the pin component which offers substantially improved resistance to abrasion and wear in these environments.

The resilient and durable components of Renold Sovereign last up to 3 times longer than standard chain in aggressive and abrasive conditions. Renold Sovereign’s patent-pending process ensures that the hardness levels of the pin can withstand severe abuse without chipping, flaking or peeling like inferior plated components can.

• Agriculture
• Brick Manufacture
• Ceramic Manufacturing
• Cement
• Aggregates
• Metal Working
• Roof Tile Production
• Timber Processing
• Food Production
• Sugar Processing
• Bakery Industry

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