Coil Tubing Injector Chain


Renold pre-packaged coiled tubing injector chain kits –
Reduce costs, eliminate waste, save time.

Coil Tubing Component Snippet
• Designed for the forces and stresses of coil tubing injectors, reducing the risks of damage to CT string
• All chain components ready for use
• Through-hardened pins for longer working life
• Shepherd's Crook or split cotters available
• Solid bushings minimize bedding-in time for maximum wear life
• GP wide waist plate for superior strength and longer life
• API Certified Products


Coil Tubing Injector Chains

Manufacturer Coiled Tube Unit Model Chain Size
National Oilwell RT10 120-3
National Oilwell RT20 120-3
National Oilwell RT30 120-3
National Oilwell RT3238 120-3
National Oilwell RT35 120-3
National Oilwell RT60 160-4
National Oilwell RT100 160-4
Hydra Rig HR560/660 180-4
Hydra Rig HR580/680 200-4
Hydra Rig HR440 180-3
Hydra Rig HR480 200-3
Hydra Rig HR5100 180-6
Hydra Rig HR635 140-5


Coil Tubing Chain Assemblies


Coil Tubing

Unit Model

Chain Size Strand

# Strands


Stewart & Stevenson Short Unit 160-1 w/D3 14 pitch 8
Stewart & Stevenson Long Unit 160-1 w/D3 14 pitch 10
Stewart & Stevenson Short Unit 160H-1 w/D3 14 pitch 8
Stewart & Stevenson Long Unit 160H-1 w/D3 14 pitch 10





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