Attachment Chain

Renold Jeffrey Attachment Chain: The chain is as important as the attachments

Renold Jeffrey provides an extensive offering of attachment chains suitable for virtually all applications. The base chain is the quality Renold Chain you have come to know and trust. Combine that with the speed and reliability of delivery, and you have the best package available in the industry today. 


Standard Attachment Chain 

Standard Att Snippet  Standard Attachment Chain Product Specs


Renold Syno: The No-Lube Attachment Chain

Have a chain that is hard to lubricate? No worries! Renold Syno Chain is self-lubricating and takes the worry out of keeping your operation running

Syno Logo Snippet       No Lube- Syno Attachment Chain

Double Pitch Attachment Chain

Looking for a double pitch attachment roller chain? Look no further! Renold Jeffrey has a standard attachments in-stock and ready to assemble. 

Double Pitch Snippet    Double Pitch Attachment Chain

Rapid Response Attachment Chain

With substantial inventory of chain and attachments ready for assembly, Renold Jeffrey offers Rapid Delivery (24/48/72 hour shipments) on in-stock attachment chain orders. Reduced your downtime by getting high-quality chain shipped quickly from our headquarters in Morristown, TN USA.

RR Cover Snippet    Rapid Response Attachment Chain

Non-Standard/ Custom Attachments

Using our custom attachment center featuring a fast and accurate laser cutting facility, we can create custom-made attachments working to your own designs. If you need guidance, we can even offer specification and selection advice to match your needs perfectly and keep your operation moving, quick delivery is also available. 

CAC Snippet      Custom Attachment Chain

Specialty Attachment Chain

In addition to our extensive inventories of in-stock chains, Renold Jeffrey has a wide variety of specialty attachment roller chains, including wide-contour attachments, Spike Chain, Book Binding Chain, Top Roller Chain, and more. 

Specialty Chain Snippet      Specialty Attachment Chain

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